Viral Kansara, Ph.D.

Viral Kansara, PhD

Vice President, Preclinical Development

Dr. Kansara has been our Vice President, Preclinical Development since 2018. He has over 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of ophthalmic drug discovery, development, and drug delivery. As Vice President of Pre-clinical Development, Dr. Kansara is responsible for providing scientific and technical leadership for new drug identification and non-clinical activities while providing direction on the strategic positioning of the company’s pipeline.

Previously, Dr. Kansara served as Head of Pharmacology, Head of Pharmacokinetics, and Head of Ocular Immunology Laboratories at Novartis. Prior, Dr. Kansara served as a Senior Research Chemist at Merck Research Laboratory. Dr. Kansara holds a Ph.D. degree in Interdisciplinary Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Missouri Kansas City, and has completed a Biomedical Drug Development course at Harvard Extension School.

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